By Nic Young

The Siyelo entourage of geeks has grown in the last couple of months, and the newcomers would like to say hi. They’ve put a lot of effort into this pageant, so do us a favor and humor them with a smile.

newcomers, welcoming

Git Glone

By Glenn Roberts

If you often mis-type commands like me…

git, mistyping

Abstracting a Service

By Stuart Corbishley

Just as the dust settles from this years RubyFuza, I finally have a moment to reflect on how great it was.


Your Git Squash-merge Is Bad

By Glenn Roberts

… and you should feel bad.


Here’s our recommended reading list for the coming week


This week we start of Dev Chat with one of Dalibor’s favourite videos at the moment- Adventure Time Bacon Pancakes New York Remix - 10 Hours of bacon and pancakes remixed with Alicia Keys’ New York. Great way to end off a Friday afternoon.


Rails Security Vulnerabilities

By Ile Eftimov

Last Tuesday, everyone in the Rails world launched into action after this tweet. An unusual “Upgrade IMMEDIATELY” advisory.

rails, security, vulnerability

It’s a new year and hey, so much for the Mayan Calendar prediction. Welcome back to most of our readers, may 2013 continue without anymore “end of the world” prediction theories.


Thou Shalt Clean Thy Branches: Git Rebase

By Glenn Roberts

If you’re going to rewrite (git) history you better know what you’re doing.


So the Mayan apocalypse was a dud… Thankfully so because it would’ve ruined a perfect day in Cape Town.