Abstracting a Service

Just as the dust settles from this years RubyFuza, I finally have a moment to reflect on how great it was.

This would be my 3rd attendence as a guest, and my 1st as a speaker.
It is humbling to be around some amazingly talented and practiced
developers, implementers and contributors of the Ruby community.
So my talk was titled: Abstracting a Service: A Case Study in Forward
Thinking with SOA

I gave a quick round up of how in a previous project we sensed the need
to abstract early, how we came to realize this and how we approached it.

Including the cheap and nasty middle step along the way.

I name drop a few RubyGems along the way as well that helped immensely in
making this process easier.

Service Oriented Architecture is a massive subject on it's own, so if
anyone has any questions regarding my talk, please give me a shout.

So without further ado, here is the video.

Also slides: