Ember.js: 5 great resources for Rails developers

by Glenn Roberts.

Looking at getting started with Ember.js? Have some familiarity with Rails? Here are some great places to start your journey.

Vic Ramon's Ember Tutorial

A great Ember with Rails tutorial, Vic's is the arguably the most complete and up-to-date. At the time of writing, it supported Ember ~1.5.0 and Ember Data ~1.0, which are reasonably stable releases, so it should remain current for some time.

Well worth the effort to follow the tutorial.

Ember concepts for Rails developers

Matt Lehner has a great little writeup on how Ember concepts differ from Rails, most notably Views and Controllers.

Moving A Traditional Rails/ jQuery App to Ember.JS [video]

Miguel Madero's presentation shows their gradual transition from jQuery madness to Ember.js goodness.

He makes two very useful points;

  • how to start small - quickly build an Ember.js component that replaces an existing Rails/jQuery one.

  • how to conceptualize/break up your domain model (around 8m45s)

(The video is slow to get started - so skip to 6m30s mark.)

EmberJS with a Separate Rails API

Thoughtbot has a great little intro based on a real-world example.

Two main takeaways from this article;

  • Build tool: They choose to build/serve the Ember client app using a simple Rails app (with ember-rails), rather than some of the newer build tools. For those of you starting out with Ember, this could also save you some time getting up and running.

  • Testing: Some practical advice about testign with Mocha+Chai+Konacha+Teaspoon.



A great collection of the Ember.js articles & resources, updated regularly.


That's the tip of the iceberg of all the great Ember.js articles out there, but a great starting point. If you have recommendations on articles you find useful on this topic, I'd love to hear from you.