Junior Web Developer Wanted

By Dalibor Nasevic

Siyelo is a specialist Ruby on Rails consultancy and we are hiring a junior web developer to join our team in Skopje.


We are looking for people with passion to learn the web craft quickly and be “full-stack” developers. People that want to be part of a small team and want to work in an agile environment (TDD, pairing, short release cycles).

This job will offer experience with product development, front-end development and design (Javascript, HTML and CSS), back-end work (Ruby / Ruby on Rails / other tools) and deployment practices to Linux based distros and cloud platforms.

We value quality (writing tests) and encourage Open Source contributions and community participation.


  • Familiarity with Ruby, Python or Javascript
  • Experience with SQL data stores
  • Skills in all tiers of the web application stack
  • Skills to navigate the command-line in a Linux environment

Highly Regarded

  • Git
  • Vim
  • Linux skills


  • Skopje

How to Apply

Please send your portfolio and open source links to jobs@siyelo.com. Attach a CV if you must.

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