Rails security; Being the best newbie & Redesigning Google

What the Rails security issue means for your startup

Glenn - A great overview of the Rails security issues and why they deserve your full attention.

Being the best newbie you can be

Ile - A great presentation on how you can start contributing to a successful team from Day 1 even if you don't have the technical skills yet.

Code and Coffee meet up

Sachin - Code & Coffee Cape Town is a meetup we host every 4 weeks. It's a great opportunity to meet other devs in and learn something new.


Sachin - We want one of these for our distributed team!

Debt metaphor as motivation for refactoring

Dalibor - Writing good code even if you don't fully understand the problem you are facing can help reduce the time it will take to understand and refactor the code later on.

What is Software Design

Dalibor - It is important to know and understand what software design actually is. Knowing that it is complex and fluid can help you react appropriately to radical changes.

Redesigning Google

Dime - It might have taken a few years, but we are starting to see the fruits of Larry Page's push for Google to have a cohesive and consistent visual style.

Effectively planning UX design projects

Dime - A step-by-step PM guide for UX projects which will help you get the most out of a tight budget

Devising a strategy for Responsive design.

Dime - Jumping head first into responsive design can be a problem if you don't fully understand how pervasive it's impact on your UX & development process will be.

The best image compression tools

Dime - Title says it all :)

Mobile sign up forms must die

Dime - The venerable Luke Wroblewski on why gradual engagement helps prevent you from scaring off new users.

Finally - this is how you handle annoying videobombers